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Нужно ли лечение вирусного гепатита С с данными результатами обследования?

Hello, i would ask you about my mothers problem. She is carrier of Hepatit C (HCV) viruse with genotip - 1b. She is 62 years old, 150sm height, 52 kg weight. I would like to give you statistical information about the level of the virus burden:
HCV - 1 lU/ml x 2,7=copy/ml
1) 05.05.2007 - 56 350 copy/ml
2) 13.05.2011 - 22 000 000 copy/ml (540 000 U/ml)
3) 19.05.2014 - 635 448 copy/ml (158 862 U/ml)
4) 26.11.2016 - 1 496 476 copy/ml (374 119 U/ml)
Her liver checked at every HCV analysis and there was everything absolutely OK. The elastomometry results at 07.01.2017 - F0-F1 (3.6 kPa).
During last liver checking Doctor reccomended to have some drugs for treatment the HCV. They are - MPI Viropack (400 mg) and Daclavirocyrl (60 mg).
What do you reccommend to us does she have to start the threatment or she is only HCV virus carrier and doesnt need to any threatment?
Are these drugs acceptable for threatment the HCV?
Please, give us wide advice about the question. I believe your professionalism.
(You can answer in Russian language.)
Thank you very much!

Здравствуйте! Если разрешаете ответить на русском языке, то и сами потрудитесь написать на русском. Диагноз - хронический вирусный гепатит С, 1в-генотип с низкой вирусной нагрузкой, минимальным фиброзом. Противовирусное лечение показано, конкретные назначения только очно.

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